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about me

i've started making music in 2017, with a yamaha synthesizer that i was given for my music lessons and fl studio, later switching to fl mobile in 2018. at the time, music was just something i did sometimes, so i did not release much. also, i didn't care about quality control or anything, and i had no production experience, so all of the tracks from that time were garbage.

in 2019 i decided to pick up music as a hobby, splitting my at-the-time alias into several new ones and starting to release new music regularly in several different genres, such as vaporwave, ambient, drone, noise, etc. throughout 2019 and 2020, my focus shifted to making just vaporwave and drone, and i continued putting out new music to a practically nonexistent audience.

late 2020 is when my music started gaining traction, with first label releases and a first collab album published on 1st of january 2021. throughout 2021 i've continued to master my skills in vaporwave and ambient, with several full-length albums.

since 2022, i've been experiencing kind of a burnout from my past styles of music, so i started experimenting with new genres and styles under a new umbrella project, equals0. despite this, a new full-length album was released recently, and two more are in the early stages of production.

alias info

reas - "main" alias i use, also a nickname for my online presence
styles - ambient, drone, slushwave

仮想現実での生活 - slushwave side-project; currently the most popular project of mine
styles - vaporwave, slushwave, ambient

Sphyral - alias for "experimental", but still high-effort works; mostly plunderphonics
styles - plunderphonics, glitch, ambient, idm

dream.wav - dreamtone side-project
styles - dreamtone, drone, ambient

仮想夢世の中 - vdp-themed side-project
styles - slushwave, ambient

リラックスして眠る - alias mostly used in 2019-2020 and for a couple releases in 2021
styles - drone, ambient, vaporwave

HarshNoiseFactory™ - alias mostly used in 2019
styles - harsh noise

DJZapElec - alias used in 2017-2019
styles - dubstep, edm, trap, noise

other aliases are mostly one-offs under the equals0 project for random ideas